Monday, March 7, 2011

Closer look at 10-11 Heroes and Prospects

Here is a look at the base cards from the 10-11 set. There are three types of cards in the set and they are Heroes, Prospects and Rookies. The layout of the set is to start with Heroes, then International Prospects, then Prospects from each league with rookies at the end of the CHL portion and rookies at the end of the AHL portion.

The complete checklist can be found here:

I was a little disappointed to see Hall and Eberle missing from this year's set but then again they have been included in the past and it is time to move on for ITG.

I like the look and design of the set, my wife on the other hand hates them. She actually felt the 10-11 Victory set looked nicer. The photography is no match for UD series 1 and 2, but I feel the design is clean and the backs are great giving it more of a meat and potatoes kind of set.

The heroes cards are simple, photos are a little grainy likely due to the fact that the source is likely from the 80's and samples of these guys in their younger days are not plentiful.

The back of the heroes give a little story about the player before they were an NHL'er.

Here is a typical prospect card. I really like this kid and I think Couturier has star potential. I know he won't be making it out of the top 10 in this draft which sucks because I was thinking he would have looked great as a NJ Devil.
As you can see on the back, his status is listed as draft eligible and there is a summary of last season's totals and a small blurb about him.

Omark is pretty exciting to watch and as you can see on his card it is identified as a rookie card. I think ITG gives this designation to any players that have never had an ITG card before. (that reminds me of the old FTC days!) I know they will never be recognized as true RC's but again that really isn't the reason why someone would collect Heroes and Prospects.

So what do you guys think? Is this set poorly designed? Where does it fit with other sets? At 90 bucks a box there are some expectations about base cards but does ITG make up for it with their hits?


  1. I already stated my case over on my blog but for those that don't read it, I love these cards. I always love the ITG releases because they are different and they do a phenomenal job at GU and autos.

    And to answer your question...I do have a bunch of doubles. In fact, I have all but 143 if you want them. Email me and let me know.

  2. Thanks DFG, I sent you an email about the ones I am looking for and let me know what I can do in exchange.

    I have enjoyed your first box break and hope you post a couple more on your site!

  3. Thanks for posting the base, nice to see how they look!