Thursday, December 3, 2015

14-15 ITG The Vault Larry Robinson Auto & Jersey 1/1 (Or when a 1/1 is manufactured)

Ok, the hobby does some strange things in order to make a dollar and some times I think it has gone a little too far. I am curious to know your thoughts on this one. ITG had a release in the past year called The Vault where a bunch of cards were bought back, labelled and redistributed with the idea that they were rare and unique (1/1). So here is one example of such card that I picked up this past summer. 

14-15 ITG The Vault Larry Robinson Auto Jersey 1/1
This card was originally from one of the Superlative releases and features a nice on the card auto and a small piece of a Montreal Canadiens sweater. If you look at the upper right you will see the card was defaced with a ruby foil job and the numbering of 1/1. There are 49 other cards out there just like this one but they don't have the ruby foiling. So the question is, does my Larry Robinson card deserve to be more expensive and highly regarded than the other 49 non-ruby foiled copies?

I personally am not sure if it is any more special than it's other brothers but thankfully I was able to purchase this for probably cheaper than the other 49 sold for so I might be inclined to think the foil job actually decreased the value of this card. While I personally don't consider this card a 1/1, I do consider it a nice auto game used card of a Hall of Famer who once coached the Devils to a couple cups and am proud to have it in my collection.  


  1. Definitely a nice addition to the collection. I'm with you as I don't consider the Vault cards 1/1. Fairly certain that ITG used different colored foils to create more 1/1s. Also noticed that they tend to sell for less than the "original" cards had.

  2. I agree with Marc, seems kinda weird but either way that is a sweet card! BTW, I picked up a Brett Connolly Artifacts RC #'d /699 at the last show I made it to. If you need it drop me an email!

  3. Thanks for your comment Marc, I am happy to hear that I am not the only one that thinks that and it's a shame they do sell for less but also on the plus side it's good for collectors on a budget (provided they didn't buy a box of the stuff).

    Thanks Shane!