Sunday, December 6, 2015

11-12 The Cup Enshrinements Adam Henrique Auto /50

Think about your favourite team. Do they have a face of the franchise? When I try and think about the other 29 teams in the league and their current roster, quite often an image of a player pops in my head and for that player I have a hard time picturing them anywhere else because they embody that team to me. Right now Anze Kopitar is working on a new contract, but there is a chance that he may sign somewhere else and for me personally I can't see that at all. True, it is very likely something that could happen but given how long he's been there and what he as done, I have trouble seeing it. Same with the Sedins, they are Vancouver to me. Look at the Ducks, could you see Getzlaf playing for any other NHL club? I don't think I can come up with one for EVERY team because there are a few like Toronto who are in a state of flux but even then, JVR is likely a player they will hang on to regardless and he is who comes to mind for me with the Leafs.

For the Devils, we have been pretty fortunate. We have had Mr. Devil (Ken Danyeko), perhaps not the best player but certainly was consistent and has three Cups. Martin Brodeur until the unthinkable happened and he left for a few games. Right now, I would say that person is Adam Henrique. The goal's he's already scored for us, and how everything the he does seems to align with our franchise and it's past and future directions. Not a bad guy to have if you ask me. Is he our best player and will he be? No, but he has all the other intangibles that you do want and they are the reason why I consider him the face of our franchise.

11-12 The Cup Enshrinements Adam Henrique Auto /50
Here is that face in foil form! Please excuse the debris that always seems to follow foil scans around. This card is a nice one in person and was designed rather well if you ask me. Nice black and white foil with a trim of red on the bottom.

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