Thursday, December 24, 2015

07-08 The Cup Gold David Clarkson Auto Rookie /27 x 2!

Yes ladies and gentlemen you read that title correctly! Once upon a free agent signing I sold my 07-08 The Cup Gold Clarkson for a decent price considering it was damaged. Well since then David's career hasn't gone as planned and I have forgiven him and welcome him back and hope he can straighten out his career. In doing so, I managed to buy a PAIR of his The Cup Gold rookies for much less than I sold my damaged one for. Truth is most Leafs fans are unloading his cardboard after paying a premium (not unlike the Leafs) and it is a buyers market. Here's hoping he can restore some faith and get back to his potential!

07-08 The Cup Gold David Clarkson Auto Rookie /27
 Numbered 23/27 that makes this baby an eBay 1/1!!!!

07-08 The Cup Gold David Clarkson Auto Rookie /27
This one is numbered to my favourite number making it an equally awesome Dave 1/1.

Well Mr. Clarkson, you have your work cut out for you but I believe in you! So Merry Christmas David Clarkson and Merry Christmas to all those reading this! I sent out a few packages today and a few more will go out in the New Year. Thanks to all those who returned after my hiatus and I look forward to 2016 coming as it can't be any worse than this year.....I don't need to knock on wood here ;)