Monday, June 9, 2014

The Hammer Rookie and Auto

While I still have an amazing addition to share with you thanks to a deal with Casey from The House of Oglethorpe, I decided to wait because it is tough to get it scanned so I will take the lazy approach. 

As part of a more recent deal, I landed three cards from Casey and these two have much in common. They are the same guy! Dave Schultz is a player my step-father introduced to me along with many other enforcers in the NHL and it was his love for The Hammer that I picked up these two cards. 

06-07 Parkhurst Dave Schultz Auto (regular)
In this set that I am loving more and more by the year Dave has two autos. The first is this card and the second is his Enforcers card. I like this one just enough to add it to my collection and I will certainly be keeping this one for good! For a guy that set an NHL record with 472 PIM in one season, he has a beautiful autograph so those hands aren't just cement. Dave also scored 20 goals in one season and did win two Cups with the Flyers.

73-74 OPC Dave Schultz Rookie
As amazing as the auto is, this rookie card was the biggest acquisition as far as the deal goes. The card isn't mind but at the same time the only thing wrong with the card is the nice OPC choppy cut which I actually like because you get more card than you pay for! This card is the light back version which is more than enough for me so don't expect any dark back rookie posts any time soon. Really happy to add these two and I hope to get all caught up on my Casey posts soon. Also have a few more to catch up on so please bear with me!

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