Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Now that we are back....Let the Luongo talk continue!

I must admit, even though I am happy to have hockey back, I certainly didn't miss the pro-Toronto media we have here in Canada. It couldn't have been 12 hours since the announcement and Bobby-Lu talk had begun again. Don't get me wrong, I love trade talk and if a trade was eminent great, but Toronto trade talks seem to take weeks, months or never happen so I do find it a little annoying at times...

Anyway, here is a fun card about Bobby-Lu. I got this little gem from one of my fav online guys who I will post about later! I went after it because of Scott Wedgewood, but I love the card because of the Luongo seam piece. What is fun is the card has a Luongo Team Canada swatch! Of course, I don't know what competition Roberto wore this jersey in, but I could pretend it was from the 2010 Olympics :) 

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  1. Luongo tweeted he wants to make a video called "Two Goalies One Crease"...doesn't seem like there is much hope left for him to stay in that crease...

    His time is unfortunately over in Vancouver. He would no doubt be the "back-up" of the two keepers at this point. His cap hit is way to much for an A2 goalie