Sunday, January 20, 2013

07-08 Be A Player - David Clarkson Rookie /99

Been pretty busy lately to have many posts, but I still try to steal time away to do this when I can. Things are about to get a lot busier here as we are due to have our second arrival in about 2 weeks which will make things even that much more busier. 

Preparing for the next several months sequestered in our homes, my wife surprised me the other day by placing an order with our cable company to get the "sports pack". Included in the "low" 31.99 a month price is NHL Center Ice. True with another baby on the way, money will get a little tighter, but my wife felt we can make it work and it is a nice present from her to me for all the nice things I do :)

So last night was my first chance to sit down and enjoy some NHL action so of course I picked NJ-NYI and even though the game was a little rusty on both sides of the ice, my boys came through with the Win and David Clarkson had himself another GWG. To commemorate the wonderful first W of the season, here is a recent PC pick-up of my man Clarkie.

I actually tried landing this card on several occasions and the price was always WAY TOO HIGH. The card is numbered to /99, but with 99 copies out there I suspected I could land it for under 20 bucks and I was able to actually land this for well below that mark including shipping!

07-08 BAP David Clarkson Rookie /99
I really like this card and it is the last of the high-end rookies I needed for Clarkie. The card is actually 3-D with Clarkson being glossier than the rest of the card and raised about the surface. It is a much nicer looking card than I thought it would be and I am really happy to finally land it after 2.5 years of trying. Certainly goes to show patience pays off and with the NHL back, prices are bound to jump so spending on my end is likely going to dwindle for a while....


  1. Way to go nabbing a long term want for a great price. I really like this guy as a player, always thought he would look great in Bruins black and gold!

  2. Thanks! I like to think if I ever had more talent that I would have likely played a very similar game in the NHL. Undrafted, hard-working and always a positive guy in the dressing room.