Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alex Delvecchio ITG Franchises Auto SP

Just a quick post here about another PC addition. This gem was acquired in the summer via eBay and it represents the most "valuable" Delvecchio auto in my collection to this point. This is also my second auto form the 04-05 ITG Franchises release with the first being a Jack Valiquette auto.

Unlike Jack, this auto is apparently SP'ed which means it is limited in comparison to the other autos, but since it isn't numbered, the number is copies are unknown to me. I love the design and style and it is a much different looking auto than my other three and is a welcome addition to my collection and the last of my Alex autos to share so I am up to date in that department. I do however, have a few more base cards from his playing days to share so keep an eye out for those.

04-05 ITG Franchises Auto - Alex Delvecchio

This card didn't scan well, so I took a photo of it instead. It features a very large on-card auto signed with a black sharpie.


  1. Love this set (which is why I want to rip a box or two of this for a group break)and love this card!

  2. Second fiddle to Howe but obviously a legend in his own right. That is a great set. I love it when the autograph has it's own space. Wish there was a baseball set just like that one.