Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Savour These Seversons!

Well it was a great ride while it lasted but sadly the Albany Devils couldn't find some game 7 magic and steal one away from the Marlies. I still find much solace in the fact that the future in bright in the Devils organization and with another high first round pick I can see us continuing to grow as an organization. Here are a couple more Seversons!

14-15 SP Authentic Future Watch Auto Patch /100
Plain white patch, I know, not the most appealing of the patches but still a solid card in my opinion with a really nice holofoil touch.

14-15 Upper Deck Premier Damon Severson Auto Patch Rookie /299
Without a doubt my favourite 14-15 release. This is one of two copies I have of this card. This is the lesser of the two but still has a hint of two colours and features a mixture of swatch, acetate, foil and paper. Stay tuned for the second one I have of these, its a beauty and I will go in more detail on my interest in this particular set.

Thanks for checking in, sorry it's a quicky but sometimes that's all we have time for on either end anyway.

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