Thursday, May 5, 2016

A 6 pack of Severson

Well, Albany won their first game of the second round against the Marlies which was a huge road win. While Damon didn't factor in on the score sheet, he does have 5 points in 5 AHL games this post season and I am looking forward to an epic series. 

Last summer while searching for my neighbour I found a lot deal on Damon Severson cards (all rookies). There were seven in all and here are six of them. The 7th needs its own post in my opinion so I will save it for another day!

14-15 UD Trilogy Damon Severson Level 1 Rookie /799
Here's the base of the base rookies. Even big names guys from this set can be had affordably for those who don't mind no auto'd rookies.

14-15 UD Trilogy Damon Severson Level 1  Blue Rookie /499
The blue parallel of the card above. Colour and numbering are the only differences, same photo is used between the two.

14-15 SP Authentic 94-95 Retro Premier Prospects Damon Severson
This is the non-die cut, non-autograph version. Despite that, still a nice card in person!

14-15 Artifacts Damon Severson Rookie /699
Here is a redeemed Severson Artifacts Rookie. It arrived already redeemed. I enjoy not having to wait for redemptions.

14-15 SP Authentic Future Watch Damon Severson Auto RC /999
I never got terribly excited over Future Watch rookies and my guess is because I missed the time when they first came out and they are in a price point that usually means I can't afford a box or don't feel the risk is worth the reward. Never the less, I love me my auto rookies and this is a good one to add.

14-15 UD Black Damon Severson Rookie /199
For a card without gimmicks, this one is pretty nice. A little thicker than your standard issue card and a pretty fantastic print run of just /199. This card wasn't my reason for buying the lot, but I assure you it added to my enjoyment of the lot purchase.

So a cool six pack for you all to look at, there was one more in the lot deal that I will share in a future post as well as a number of other Seversons! In the meantime, go Devils and thanks for reading!


  1. Very nice! I'm a total sucker for those SP retro cards, I think that's my favorite of the bunch despite not being serial numbered or autographed. I should have a small package headed your way by early next week!

  2. Odd, I swear I commented on this before and it didn't record my response. Thanks for the comments and I am pleased to see someone else thinks as highly of the card as I do. That's sweet Shane, thank you and I am already assembling another package for you!