Friday, May 27, 2016

65-66 Topps Phil Esposito Rookie

So in the two years not all of my pick ups have been modern cards. It's true that I did probably focus more heavily on rookies and autos released in the past decade or so but I have keep true to my love of vintage as well and here is a prime example.

65-66 Topps Phil Esposito RC
Most vintage collectors and Esposito fans know he was "Black Hawk" before he was a Bruin but still seeing this card always struck me as strange. Phil played 235 games for the Hawks before the monster trade to the Bruins happened and forever changed Boston history. Phil was no slouch either scoring 74 goals and 174 points during this 3+ seasons. His game went to a whole new level as a Bruin thanks to Bobby Orr and Co and in turn I believe Phil helped the careers of players like Ken Hodge and John Bucyk. In Bucyk's case he actually put up his best 5 season totals from age 35-40.

As you can see from the card itself, it isn't mint by any stretch but I think it is in pretty great shape regardless and thanks to the shape it was in, it was very affordable. This gem was rescued from my LCS.

From the back side you can see why I got a good deal on the card with a tiny bit of paper loss from being glued in a book no doubt. However, with that being said I think it's time in the book saved it from addition wear and tear and the couple creases that are on the card are very acceptable to me in regards to my collection. Thanks to an autograph of Phil's that I already have via a TTM, I am just a game used card short of my HOF hattrick. Guess I will need to keep my eyes peeled for one of those!


  1. Very nice pickup - Ken Hodge is another one of those guys that's easy to forget was a Black Hawk.

  2. Thanks guys!!

    Hey Tony, I didn't remember that until I put together this post so you have a very good point there.