Friday, April 17, 2015

14-15 Trilogy Jonathan Drouin Rookie Premiere Blue Auto /225

Oh once upon a time I used to be such a consistent blogger. I have seem many of the great ones come and go and some even come back again. I really really hope that I don't go that way but at the same time life is just one of those things that will take what it wants from you and if time is short then you are left piecing what you have together. With the being said, I still am in the hobby and I am still getting from time to time but the sharing seems to have been the hardest part over the last 6 months. I realized that often I am a little too ambitious and that is getting in the way of production. I am thinking maybe trying to make them short and sweet will not only help me but also just keep me relevant in the wonderful world of sports card blogging.

So as Prince once said. "No I ain't dead yet but, uh, how about you?" here is what will hopefully be a rejuvenation!

14-15 Trilogy Jonathan Drouin Rookie Premiere Blue Auto /225
This card is one I have wanted before the season started. Ok, maybe not this particular card but I told myself no boxes or blasters will be purchased until I had a Drouin auto rookie and this one definitely fit the bill better than I could have hoped. These cards are beautiful and my 4 year old walking by stopped in his tracks and asked to see it. He loved the colours this thing has and it nearly is his favourite card. His actual favourite is the 91-92 Pro Set 75th Anniversary Hologram.

As some of you know, I am a bit of a Lightning fan thanks to Brett Connolly and even though he is gone I will still be cheering for them out of the East and Chicago out of the West. Here is hoping I have someone left at dance come June!

Thanks for your patience fellow collectors and readers. I am hoping (no promises) to get back on the proverbial horse! In the meantime, here is some more Prince!


  1. Thanks buddy! I had to have one and this is a pretty good copy, especially since his The Cup will be out of my reach but this has a lower print run.