Tuesday, January 20, 2015

13-14 Prime Mark Arcobello Rookie /25 (Trade bait?)

Here is another twitter trade acquisition. I got this from someone in a pretty big blockbuster trade and I wanted the card initially because I like the kid and I have a soft spot for the Oilers as far as Canadian teams go. 

Check out the swatches. A two colour patch, a two colour jersey, a white jersey and a piece of the fight strap! Nice on card auto, but sadly a little chipping on the far side. I didn't notice the chipping when then scans were sent prior to trade but the swatches more than make up for it.

13-14 Prime Mark Arcobello Rookie /25
So what to do with this card now? Since the trade, Mark has been waived from Nashville and Edmonton and has landed in Pittsburgh. I like this landing spot because it means he could get a chance to just play offense which is his best trait. However, Pittsburgh also means that many teams passed on him during the waiver process and unless he starts performing he could be in his last NHL stop. I am hopeful things will work out and in the meantime I can enjoy this card. However, since he is out of Edmonton the draw to own this is a little less and I certainly can make it available to anyone who might be a die-hard Arco fan or Pittsburgh/Nashville fan.


  1. I also have a soft spot for the Oilers - always rooting for them to do well; there's just something about them that makes me more interested in them than may other teams around the league.

    1. I completely agree. I used to be a one/two team guy but since I got older I have taken on a few other teams I would categorize as I wish them well and the Oilers are there as my lone Canadian entry. Glad to hear you have a similar soft spot.