Thursday, January 1, 2015

13-14 The Cup Eric Gelinas Auto Rookie /249

Every year the hockey season ends, summer begins and some point after that a new season of collecting begins and The Cup shows up fashionably late. For many collectors this is the highlight of the season as the super-premium set hits the market and nearly an equal number of collectors are annoyed that it is even called a product from the previous year. 

I am on the fence a little bit, I know this product is something I probably will never be able to afford to break and the cards are a little inflated in my opinion. However, the cards are usually very good quality and the late release allows for collectors to finally get an auto rookie of their favourite players. Despite many strange auto rookies you can land (Daniel Bang for example has a few), Eric Gelinas and Reid Boucher actually didn't have an auto rookie on the market until the release of The Cup! I am a pretty big fan of Boucher and Gelinas so I was very pleased that at least Upper Deck had done the right thing and snuck them into their set as part of the infamous auto rookie subset. Usually there are 10 or so rookies that didn't get to go to the showcase and therefore there are no event used swatches of these players so they end up with just an auto rookie. Such was the case for Eric Gelinas, so here enjoy!

13-14 The Cup Eric Gelinas Auto Rookie /249
Neat signature, on-card and numbered with his 22. You can kind of make out his name but definitely more scribble than scribe! This year's design is pretty decent and I am pleased this is apart of my collection and is now my favourite Gelinas rookie replacing this one at the top.

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