Friday, January 2, 2015

13-14 The Cup Reid Boucher Auto Rookie /249

Reid Boucher was another Devil who seemed to be missed by the card companies when it came to auto rookies. He had a Young Gun and a few other rookies made but no auto rookie until The Cup came out this fall. 

Unlike Gelinas, Reid Boucher was a star in junior and even broke Stamkos' Sarnia Sting record for most goals in a season with 62 goals in just 68 games! I think a combination of him being a later bloomer and being a New Jersey Devil seems to have him low on the card maker's priority lists. Thankfully this card was produced for fans like myself!

13-14 The Cup Reid Boucher Auto Rookie /249
Neat auto here with Reid being over top Boucher and the 15 tacked onto the end. Right now Reid is spending lots of time in the AHL but I am willing to be now that PDB is gone he will see more ice time later in the season and hopefully be a regular next year! He has loads of offensive potential and I can't wait to see him hit his stride!


  1. A nice pair these past two days Dave! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Shane! Happy New Year to you too! My resolution is to finally send a package that has been growing your way!