Saturday, September 20, 2014

What happens when one Devils fan meets another on Twitter?

Social media has impacted most people and while not all impacts are positive, I can say it has been a positive for me. I have had a chance to meet other collectors, get neat links and see other people's collecting successes. When you have little money for the hobby, trading is one way to freshen up your collection and the next couple posts will be on that topic.

One trade I made this summer involved a fellow Devils fan named Tom who wrote me asking me if I ever traded with people on twitter. I responded that I did and from there a friendship formed. While the trade we made isn't going to be the envy of collectors world wide and we didn't swap thousands of dollars in cards, we did help each other out and found a fellow fan with a common interest. 

Tom is a collector who is trying to specifically focus on Marty Brodeur and I am a collector who is all over the map. In the end we each sent a package with some fun cards to go along with a 3 for 3 trade. Here are the three that made their way to me: 

While I already have a Matteau auto, I believe this kid will be good and I do like the Prizm release so I felt picking this one up was a nice addition.

This card was the centerpiece of the trade. Numbered to just /25, Keith is GOING to be the backup goalie for the Devils after the preseason is over and I am happy to add a third auto to my collection to go along with his Dominion rookie and a ITG AHL auto of his.

This last card seems a little dirty for a Devils fan to own, but like I said I am all over the map. Having avoided 12-13 like the plague I am without a few decent rookies and Kreider is one of them. He has potential to be decent so I felt a chance was here for me to land this card at a fair price so I sprang for it and I am happy to add it. Besides, you never know where he will be in 5-6 years.

Thanks for a great trade Tom, I appreciate our chats and I look forward to having another Devils fan to cheer with.

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