Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My other awesome Twitter trade over the summer

While my last trade post mentioned someone who wrote me up about trading, this post is about a trade I initiated myself. During the dog days of summer I had a chance to really be active on twitter which has pretty much ground to a halt now that school is back in session. However, during that time I saw a retweet by Upper Deck which involved a collector named Jeff who likes to break ultra high-end cards. He is chasing the Rookie Bookmark set from the 11/12 The Cup set so he bought some boxes and shared the results. In his break he hit a Devils rookie I had been trying to find on the cheap and I decided to contact him if he would be willing to trade it. 

He was more than willing and we were able to come up with a pretty good deal for both sides. Not long after he has hit more Devils cards and I was able to make a second trade with him as a result. Here are the cards I got from my two trades with Jeff.

 11/12 The Cup Adam Larsson Auto Patch Rookie /249
Sure it is a plain white patch but what do you expect from a Devils emblem! It features lots of white.

07/08 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Martin Brodeur Sweet Stiches /299
This was a throw in by Jeff to balance out our first trade. The card became much more significant when I traded a few of my Brodeur game-used away to Tom a few weeks after getting this card. I am now on the hunt for a Brodeur Auto Patch that I hope to land someday in the next year or so.

13/14 Panini Prime Prime Jon Merrill Prime Time Rookies /25
A little chipping on the card is a downer, but numbered to 25 and an on card auto are all awesome pluses! This isn't my first Merrill card and I doubt it will be my last either!

So a couple trades down already and maybe even more in the future with Jeff. Thanks for two great trades Jeff and I wish you the best of luck with your Rookie Bookmarks. 


  1. Great cards! Also thanks for putting Tom in touch with me, awesome guy and we just mailed each other our trade packages today!

  2. Thanks Shane, I am really happy to hear it was a positive experience for you too. Tom is fantastic and I hope that you both are happy with your returns.

  3. That's a sick Marty Dave! And some other beauties too. And I should be thanking the both of you for being so kind to me! I appreciate the kind words, but it is my honour and priveledge to have been able to connect with the both of you!

    1. No problem and thanks for posting on here. Hope to hear more comments in the future if you have something to say or share!