Friday, September 26, 2014

Fastest post ever?

I am striving for my fastest post ever! Picked the card below from the LCS with another, 2 bucks each. This one is a nice one from 02-03 Private Stock

A bit of a franken-card I know but still he could be a HOF'er someday and regardless I am a big fan and this is my first game-used piece of Theo. Next post features a HUGE mail day from Casey and my winnings from his Stanley Cup hockey pool.


  1. Even though Fleury was always a pain in the butt for the Sharks, I liked him because he's relatively short compared to other hockey players.

    1. Yeah it was a shame that towards the end of his career he did have a few "incidents". However, since his retirement he admitted he had some struggles and addictions and since then he has done wonderful things with his life.

      I will always remember him as a Flame and pound for pound the toughest player and one of the best in the NHL.