Monday, March 31, 2014

More thanks to Sebastian from Hell's Valuable Collectibles

For the regular readers you may remember this trade I posted a little while back between myself and Sebastian from Hell's Valuable Collectibles. Well, he sent me a message after he received my goods and told me more might be on their way. Well sure enough not long after a second package arrived with more surprises.

13-14 OPC Adam Henrique
 I don't have this and I am sure glad I do now. The design is pretty nice and based off this card I might have to try and track down the set some day.

13-14 Score Adam Henrique
 This card is another I didn't have in my collection. It does feature an amazing moment in Devils history when Adam Henrique scored the OT winner to knock off the Rangers and send the Devils to the 2012 Cup Finals.

11-12 Victory
Surprisingly enough, didn't have this one either. A trifecta of cool is topped off by this Victory Rookie. Now Sebastian didn't stop there, there was a fourth card which was the Score rookie base of Adam Henrique. I did already have one in my set, but it was nice to have a second that I can display when I want and not take it out of the binder its in.

So thanks again Sebastian for the excellent trade and I will keep an eye out for stuff you may be interested in, in the future!

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