Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So I sold my Jordan LaVallee 1/1 and this is what I bought.

So about 5 years ago I bought a few packs and I had my first ever 1/1 from a pack of 08-09 Artifacts. At the time I was excited because it was a 1/1 rookie but not knowing who he was or if he would ever amount to much also intrigued me. Fast forward a few years, poor Jordan never makes it back to the NHL but I decide to share my 1/1 on here at random anyway because it is a 1/1. 

Little did I know anyone would ever be on the hunt for my lowly 1/1, well sure enough there was and I shared my hit at the perfect time. While digging through old comments I saw one from a person named Kevin who was interested in my LaVallee. It turns out Kevin was a LaVallee super collector and in our discussions he shared some of his collection with me via email. Check it out! 

Check out the Artifacts rookies, /999, /100, /75, /50, /25 looks like he could use a 1/1

Check out all those plates!

So what do you sell a card like that for? Its a 1/1, one of a kind, no others. Well I have seen some pretty stupid prices on the 'Bay and honestly seeing how big of a fan this guy was I was not going to fleece him on it. To be perfectly honest, I didn't know how high he was going to go either and I am not an asshole so I thought long and hard and came up with a price I felt the card was worth TO ME. If he was willing to pay what it was worth to ME, then in my opinion he can have it. So I gave him my price which I felt was very fair (about the price of a blaster) and in return he offered a few extra dollars to help me cover the cost of shipping so we both were very happy in the end.

So I took my money, bought the Jagr auto you just saw in my last post and I got myself three other cards. I paid for the shipping out of my own pocket so the total was a tiny bit higher than the funds earned but totally worth it in my opinion.

2001-02 BAP Signature Series Ryan Smyth Auto
 Second auto I picked up was one of Captain Canada Ryan Smyth. He earned the nickname after being Captain of the World Championship team for 5 straight years from 01-05 and then again in 2010. I guess there is an advantage to playing for a non-playoff team. Regardless, I do have fond memories and respect Ryan a great deal and I knew I wanted an auto from him and it was a pretty cheap pick up.

2001-02 BAP Signature Series Claude Lemieux Auto
 Arguably one of the most clutch players in NHL history. Claude was a huge reason for two Devils Cup wins and was a large factor in his Cup wins with Montreal and Colorado as well. I wished I could land his auto in a Devils uniform but as far as certified autos go there were very few of him in the 90's especially in a Devils uniform.

10-11 The Cup Marco Scandella Auto Rookie
When Marco played for Team Canada at the WJHC in 2010 I was really impressed with his skill and dependability. I was a big fan from the start so I had been trying to get a card like this for a while. When Kevin bought my LaVallee rookie I made it a priority to land this card and sure enough after a few Best Offer attempts one dealer liked my offer and accepted it. A nice patch here with a little red peeking out with the green and white cream. 

In all, I was very happy an important card ended up with the right collector and in the end I found myself 4 really cool cards which I do enjoy more than the 1/1.


  1. Thanks again for the transaction! I have since obtained another 1/1 plate card, 2 of his QMJHL cards, and a couple of his new Hockey Allsvenskan Swedish hockey cards! I've also picked up a couple more U/D Black Letterman's because those are my favorite. I think I need about 23 more cards or so to have everything. Unfortunately 21 of those cards are /15 or less. Yikes. Plus I think all those Swedish cards have plates but I don't know!!! Enjoy your blog!

    1. Wow, glad to hear you are making some serious progress there. I will keep those things in mind if I ever come across any more LaVallees. Thank for the blog compliments and good luck in your searches and once again I really appreciate the deal we made.