Monday, January 20, 2014

A few holiday breaks

As I mentioned, been on a bit of a busting bust lately. Boxes even with statistically favourable odds haven't been yielding much my way these days. In fact, you will see in my next post which is a box break of 13-14 Select how bad my luck really is!! In the meantime, I have a blast box I bought my wife for Christmas, a Fat Pack she bought me and a box of 11-12 Certified my in-laws bought me.

First the blaster:

13-14 UD Series 1 Joakim Nordstrom
Could be a while before I find out if this is a good card or not. Currently 12 goals and 11 helpers in 32 AHL hockey games.

13-14 UD Series 1 Nathan Beaulieu
I think this is my second one of these. After a few boxes and a blaster I have loads of Young Guns (20+). The best three I have pulled from all of those are: 2 Huberdeau Rookies and 1 Monahan. Pretty sad, I am so done with series 1.

The fat pack

11-12 Upper Deck Joe Colbourne
This was a little unexpected. My wife dislikes buying cards as presents so that is why she got a blaster! She did surprise me with a fat pack from a set I am still working on. I was able to land a few base I needed which was nice and an actually young gun. Former first round pick on his third team. Not too exciting.

11-12 Certified box

Each box has 4 hits and some good base (because I am working on the set). My hits were:

Ryan Smith Game Used
Shawn Horcroft Game Used
Justin DiBenedetto Auto Rookie

Yeah three strikes....

11-12 Certified Marcus Kruger /499
The best hit of ALL my boxes. Shame I already have three of his autos already. Good news I guess is I have an extra one or two to trade away now. I will keep this one because I am keen on the set, but I do have the following up for trade now: This and This

Well there you have it, my failures minus my next post. I think what I will post next will top these stinkers.


  1. One can never have too many Hawks autos.

  2. I agree with Jeff. Commit to the Indian!

  3. Very true boys, Hawks are among my top three to end up with. They actually have some of the most amazing patch cards ever made too.