Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mojo Sick Patch..For Half The Price Of The Pack It Came From

As a collector who got back into collecting during the '07 season much had happened in the collecting world between '95 and '07. Game used cards are one of those things and particularly patch cards. I loved the idea when I learned about them and as time has gone by I still like them but I am not as amazed as I once was. However, sometimes you come across a piece that is just too awesome to pass up regardless of how many game used cards you have. 

09-10 SP Game Used Dual Patch Nash and Voracek /25
Both of these guys are players I like and both are long gone from Columbus. Funny to imagine after they leave Columbus nearly makes the playoffs meanwhile Voracek had a himself a career year in Philly and Nash is still in the playoffs with the Rangers. I do really like and collect Voracek to some degree so that was an added bonus but the main reason for this card are the swatches. The bottom patch is amazing with a concave blue piece sandwiched between an awesome silver and red piece. The top swatch looks like it could have been from a name or number as well. This was another steal from the LCS this past fall, keep up the great work boys!

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