Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blue Chips Prospect Auto - Jake Virtanen

As far as the Blue Chips series goes, there are 5 in total and this is the only one that may have some people questioning my label of "Blue Chip", but hear me out. Jake Virtanen is a name most have not heard before but if you have, then you may agree with me on the Blue Chip tag. Jake is a 16 year old prospect who just finished his first full WHL season. He did actually make a debut last year and played in 9 games as a 15 year old scoring 3 goals in 9 games. This past year he put up a respectable 34 points in 62 games including 16 goals. This coming season will be the litmus test for Jake as the top two scorers on the Hitmen will both be gone next season and he will be expected to shoulder more of the scoring load. Jake is considered one of the better prospects for the 2014 NHL draft and even has been projected on some sites to go as high as 5th overall. Time well tell, but for now he is a Blue Chip prospect to me. 

12-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects Jake Virtanen Auto
Jake has an awesome signature which features his number 18. I hope he doesn't get all sloppy as time goes by and does the initial thing that some players do ( I am looking at you Cameron Gaunce).

Here is my analysis of Jake Virtanen

Probability of making the NHL : 97%
Probability of being an NHL All-Star: 30%
Probability of being a HOF'er: 1.6%
Probability of making the Pyeongchang Olympics: 25%
Probability of making the Sochi Olympics: 0.01%
Probability of being the Greatest _____ Forward of All-Time*: 0.001 - 10%
Probability of being better than Gilbert Brule: 60%

*Due to Jake being undrafted and only 16 years of age it is difficult to determine where he will end up. If he ends up in Edmonton or Detroit the number is 0.001%, but if he ends up in Columbus the number is 10%.

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