Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blue Chips Prospect Auto - Mikhail Grigorenko

Here is the second last Blue Chip Prospect and I have saved the best two for last. Mikhail Grigorenko is by all definitions a Blue Chip Prospect and to his resume already he has a wealth of International experience and is a very serious offensive threat. One thing that impresses me a great deal about Mikhail is that he came to North America unable to speak English and now he is able to speak English without a translator and he is also able to speak French and Russian thus making him multilingual and I feel that is definitely a sign of his work-ethic and if he works that hard off the ice I can't wait to see what he will do full-time on the ice.

12-13 Heroes and Prospects Mikhail Grigorenko Auto
An interesting auto to say the least done in black sharpie. No number with his auto which always is a minus, but still a top notch prospect's signature which is what I was after. Grigorenko spent a chunk of time in the NHL this past season (25 games) and even though he ruined his Calder chances next season, I think Buffalo will have a sophomore next year who will contribute very significantly to their offensive output. In 33 games this season with Quebec, Mikhail scored 30 times and added another 24 assists which had him 3rd in team scoring despite only playing half a season. In fact, he still finished in the top 30 for goals which is impressive since everyone about him played more games.

Here is my analysis of Mikhail Grigorenko

Probability of making the NHL : 100%
Probability of being an NHL All-Star: 40%
Probability of being a HOF'er: 3%
Probability of making the Pyeongchang Olympics: 50%
Probability of making the Sochi Olympics: 2%
Probability of being the Greatest Sabres Forward of All-Time*: 0.5%
Probability of being better than Dave Snuggerud: 98%


  1. Replies
    1. You completely stole my line.

      Dave Snuggerud. Love it!

    2. When I think of the early 90's Buffalo, 90-91 Upper Deck card number 189 is one of a few that come to mind. Unfortunately, it is his Rookie card and his rookie year was as good as it got for poor Dave who never could match the hype of his last name is pretty awesome.