Sunday, May 13, 2012

New PC - Stefan Della Rovere

As far as PC's go, all of mine are pretty minor and this one is no exception. I am not going to try and track down every Della Rovere card in existence. However, I will certainly try and land a few of his rookies and autos and here are a couple recent pick ups.

I have been a fan of his since his days with the Canadian World Junior team and I enjoy his style of play and his approach to the game. Both cards I landed are from the 10/11 Season and are both "rookies" by my definition.

11/12 Zenith Gold
 Here is a rookie auto from the 10/11 Zenith set. This card came from a dare to tear pack and is numbered to just /99 copies. I spent about 7 bucks including shipping on it.

10/11 The Cup
For all players I collect, I strive to try and land their The Cup rookie if it exists and Della Rovere is no exception. Here is a nice little swatch containing 3 colours and a on-card auto. This card looks exactly like the scan and I was very pleased to land it for under 10 bucks.

As it stands right now, Stefan spent this past season in the AHL and is stuck pretty deep in the depth chart with the Blues. Lots can happen from year to year and I feel this kid is NHL material and really it is only a matter of time before he gets his shot. He will never win an Art Ross or even a Lady Byng. I think he can be a good and productive 3rd liner with an NHL club and a kid who would bring a great winning attitude to whatever club he makes it with.

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  1. Wow some SICK cards! I'll check if I have any this guy...I doubt it but I'll check anyway