Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garth Butcher - Captain C

Garth Butcher was one of those players as a kid you used to cringe when you would pull his card from a pack. I mean, it was the early 90's and he was considered a common at best. As I got older and more mature, I learned that Garth was a pretty amazing junior hockey player who played a tough game and a smart game. On one hand, he scored 178 points in two full seasons of junior hockey and did that while racking up 548 PIM. When he got to the NHL, he became a shutdown defenseman who would average nearly 3 PIM a game for the better part of 14 seasons.

He was a captain of the St. Louis Blues for a couple seasons before finally ending up in Quebec and Toronto. Here is his auto which I landed off eBay for a whopping $0.99.
Pretty cool signature if you ask me, I hope to land a few more from this set in the coming months as their prices on the secondary market are very reasonable. Certainly better than dropping another C-note on a box.

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