Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dennis Hull Rookie

Sometimes I am guilty of forgetting about players especially when I am bargain hunting. Here is a classic example:

Of course I have heard of Dennis Hull, Bobby's little brother. But in all my years of card collecting I have never even considering chasing his rookie. Well the other day when I was searching for Brett Hull rookies I came across an auction that ended up in my favour.

Check it out

65-66 Topps Dennis Hull RC
Front side is pretty decent. The corners are excellent, but there are two surface razor cuts on the top.

Back side
Why the razor cuts? I think someone way trying to removed a glued card "carefully". Good news is, my card has more paper than it did back in the 60's instead of less paper.

Glad to have this as part of my collection. Has this ever happened to you, picking up a rookie you forgot about or never paid much attention to until it fell in your lap?

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  1. That's such a great set. I've always liked it.

    I haven't had one exactly like that - the most serependipitous rookie I landed came in a lot. I bought a bunch of '51-52 Parkies in a mail-order auction for a little over a dollar per card (mid/late 80s). Buried in there was a nice Kelly and a solid Delvecchio, but the key was an outstanding Sawchuk that is still one of the centrepieces of the collection.

    In about 1984, I was at a shop in Oakville where they had boxes of 1960s cards. I'd never seen anything like this before and plucked out a bunch. The shop owner said, "Let me guess - you collect goalies." "No," I said, "just names I know."

    I had to put back a bunch because I didn't have the money. A '67-68 Howe went back into the box (it was a whole six bucks), but I kept my goalies. They included two of the keys from '65-66 Topps - the Cheevers and Giacomin RCs. I had no idea.