Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have you ever been ripped off?

I must say, I really enjoy trading cards. There are many bloggers out there I have traded with, and some on multiple occasions. There have been some great cards that have come into my house and have left my house because of trades and each time I have been happy with the results until now.

For starters, I am no fool, I make trades that sometimes have me ahead in my opinion and other times have me on the losing end. But that isn't why I trade, I trade because it is nice to help others and sometimes it is fun to get something different into your collection even if it means someone gets a better end of the deal. Don't get me wrong, I am not trading Ray Bourque rookies for a Patrik Stefan rookies just to be a nice guy, but we all have comprised on occasion and ended up ahead on occasion.

Just recently (October) I made a trade with another blogger. One card for one card, except he received my card and mine.....never arrived. I have written them and no response and it now has been over three months since we agreed to the trade so I ask my fellow bloggers....Has this happened to you? What should I do?

Should I name them in this public forum or do I just suck it up as a loss and be more careful next time? Fact is, I was certainly on the losing end of this trade even if the card arrived, I was purely making the trade to be nice, but they have turned around and f*cked me over and I really am a little angry. I am a pretty calm and calculating kind of person, so I must say I am having trouble deciding what to do next and I am asking for help. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

On another note, Michael, I am out of bubble mailers and will have your trade in the mail on Thursday, sorry it is a few days later than I said. But have no fear, I have found a few fun goodies to include in the meantime!


  1. Out them so other people don't get ripped off. I understand I am not known in your blogging community but I've completed 100s of trades anytime a rip off happened that person should be made known.

  2. I say we hang him, then we kill him. Unless it's me of course then I say show leniency. Is this blogger still actively blogging? Do I know this person? Is this person me?

    I know I am not the quickest trader to deal with but I eventually get stuff out. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances but no contact since October is probably not a good sign. I have had the "no show" on items from Ebay before but I can't say it has happened in a trade.

  3. I've been ripped off in trades before too and have wrestled with the same issue you are right now. My vote would be to name him and his blog, if only to warn other honest bloggers/collectors and protect us from going through the same thing.

  4. Is the card coming from another country?

    Are you sure the card was never mailed (as opposed to being lost in the mail)?

    Are you sure the person is avoiding you?

    I have had instances where I have sent cards that have taken months to arrive and I have had card show up 'late' on my end.

    In all instances, I have tried to keep the lines of communication open. You never know what the situation might be.

    Sadly, there are those out there looking to take advantage.....but there are good people out there too and they might be on the wrong end of a situation themselves

    Good luck. Stay positive.

  5. I have completed hundreds of online trades. I traded online way back in the mid 90s on the Tuff Stuff forums page even. Back then I only had one trade that I got screwed on. It was no big deal though because it was an Eric Rett player collector and his cards were worth zilch anywhere else.

    Since I started blogging I have traded with probably 50 plus others. In that time I have been screwed by two bloggers. I even gave them both a chance to redeem themselves by offering them something else and both times nothing. One got me for a vintage Unitas and the other was for a bunch of Mets and Ichiros. I haven't heard anything out of them in a while though, no posts or anything. Good Riddance.

  6. I've made hundreds of trades with bloggers and readers and I was stiffed only twice. One was by a respected blog that's no longer operating. I chalked it up to the fact that they were losing interest. The other was a reader. I don't know what his deal was, just saw an opportunity to get some free cards, I guess. They had no value to me, so more power to him. But I really wonder what goes through people's heads.

    I don't know what you should do. The lynch mob route seems kind of ugly.

  7. Is the blogger still posting regularly? That's key. If so - have you posted on the person's blog? If not, maybe they are "losing interest" like night owl said above.

    If they are still posting and you really have made every opportunity to contact, I say out the person. Maybe that's harsh, but maybe it's the only way to get attention. If it turns out to be a misunderstanding - you can always delete your post.

  8. Speaking as one of the most scatter-brained people around, I know I've dropped the ball on several trades. It sounds like you've tried to contact this person so I don't really know what to tell you. It's been said, but try posting on their blog. I've been trading over three years and never been screwed over.

  9. Haha thanks Dave mine went out on Monday so it should only take a week or so...I think we both made a fair trade :)

  10. I've only had one problem with a blogger trade. It was a small thing, shipping from outside of the country, and we were in contact so I just let it go.

  11. I've never had any problems trading with a fellow blogger. I only got screwed once by someone on Sports Card Forum (all my other trades there have been top-notch, though...this was just one bad apple).

    If the person is still blogging, then I would say email him an ultimatum. If he does not reply, then definitely OUT him. Let the rest of us know so we don't trade with him.

  12. Dave what is his address?
    I know a guy that can take care of things:)

    Man that sucks

  13. Thanks a million guys for all the comments.

    I think that if anyone wants to know WHO he is, just email me and I will give you the warning, otherwise I guess I will take the higher road and cut my losses. Certainly I will stick to trading with ones I know or at the very least take other precautions the next time I try someone new on!