Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back Checking - Jeff Carter

This month has just flown by and now that the exams are all marked and grades taken care of, I feel like I can spend a moment or two on this blog finally. I have picked up lots of cards and sets in the last couple months and have had no time to share.

So with a couple moments to myself, here is another back checking post.

Being a writer for the backs of cards must be a pretty fun job if you ask me. I don't know if the pay is very good, but to have your thoughts and writing immortalized on cardboard and collected by hundreds of thousands people would be a pretty cool gig. Certainly not one I could do as my regular readers know (I HATE proof reading), but if I were paid enough, I might be convinced to give it a shot!

Jeff Carter's 10-11 Luxury Suite card is a prime example of how a situation can change in as little as months.

Love the front side of this card. Nice stick and jersey piece, and it happens to be my first stick card. I received this card in a trade with Sal from

On to the back, as you can see it is both numbered and guaranteed! Of course, that isn't why I am showing this card. Check out the text on the left of the photo. I think it speaks for itself as Carter is now a member of the Blue Jackets and probably wishes he was still in Philly right now, even if it meant he couldn't have all he could drink. There was no way the author of this card could have predicted a club would sign someone for an 11 year extension only to trade him less than a year later, but it happens and it kinda makes this write up seem foolish!

Flash forward less than a year after this card was created, Jeff is off to the worst season in his career, he is up on the trading block again, and Columbus is currently trying to Fail for Nail. It is amazing how quickly things can change for an NHL player regardless of talent. Well Jeff, drink up because this off-season is going to be a little longer than you are used to and it isn't going to get any easier for you!

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