Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Would you buy one? What would you pay?

I have always been in love with the 1951-52 Parkhurst set, maybe as long as I have been collecting. However, as I get older, my love remains for those little guys, but I find myself equally interested in the old C56's, 55's and 57's from the early part of the 1910's. I just found someone selling an old pack that had could have had the C57's in it.

Now, what would you pay? Does something like that interest you? Of course, there is a chance it is a scam, but assuming it is legit, what is it worth to you?

I know I would pay 100 bucks for a wrapper from 51-52, but I struggle to decide what this is worth....


  1. I remember back in the day... late '91, early '92, buying a bunch of 51/52's from an ad in The Hockey News.
    There was no ebay then... the fellow gave you a choice of some star cards where you would get fewer cards for your buck, or commons, where you could get more. Send in $50, $100, $250 and you would get a stack of Parkies.

    We got around 75 of them for our $250... can't do that anymore....

  2. I got about 90 of them in ~1987 from a mail-in auction. Cost about $110.

    As to the pack, I'd want some actual evidence that this is from the year in question. So far, it's just an old pack. If that stamp could be verified, that might be something.

  3. Wow guys, that sounds like I missed ONE HELL of a deal....

    I really need the card market to tank to ever see prices like that....did either of you finish the set?

  4. The whole market went absolutely nuts the winter of 1990 (the year UD came out). I passed on a Bobby Hull RC in about EX - EXMT at $85 because that was really just a $60 card. Within six months it was $600 and it never stopped.

    I missed an incredible Gordie RC at $135 because I didn't have the cash on me at the time.

    I did finish that set, though. Pretty much any '51 I post came from that lot.