Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Card of the week - Luke Adam

The post is a bit of an experiment with the blogger app for my iPod. I don't know how good the picture will turn out or the blog itself but we shall see when I hit publish.

Luke Adam is off to a great start this year and is going to certainly contend for the Calder and the Sabres are the better for it. 3 goals and 3 assists in 7 games is pretty decent, but of course he did play 19 games last season which still made him eligible for Calder consideration. Logan Couture was in the same situation last year.

Here is the front side of the card

10/11 UD Artifacts - Luke Adam Rookie

Backside of the card

I have always like the Artifacts rookies. The cards traditionally have good write-ups on the backs and the photos are pretty "artistic". In my opinion they look like decent modern rookie cards. The fact that they are numbered is always cool and I think they are a little undervalued compared to other rookies which are in higher quantities so often you can pick these up at a decent price.

I received this card as part of a trade with Tim from The Real DFG a while back as I had a rookies of specific players I was trying to get and he was more than willing to make a swap. I love trading and am always up for more in anyone out there feels the same.

How I received the card: Via Trade

Beckett Value: 6 - 15 dollars


  1. Looks pretty good for a post done from a phone! The only thing I noticed is that it seemed to center all of your text that came below the photos rather than making it left-aligned. Cool card!

  2. Thanks! I noticed the same, and the quality of the photos aren't that great. I might have needed more background light. Curious to see what they look like using the new iOS. One thing I forgot to point out is UD forgot to delete the "," at the end of his name. Likely from a list-merge or something.

  3. Adam hails from my Province so I'm a fan, great card.