Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tape Stained Rookies - A Surprise Haul

Life always seems to be full of surprises. I was on my way home from work and I had heard earlier that day that the Devils claimed Ryan Carter off waivers. Well, I remembered my local hobby guy had a Ryan Carter Sweet Shot rookie in his cheapy bin so I thought I would stop off on the way home and buy it. Some I pick up my toddler son and stop off at the shop on my way home. I am in the store for no more than a minute with my son in my arms when the owner Jon calls me over to show me something. He just picked up a lot of cards and wants to unload them cheap.

I walked over and was in heaven. I needed to know the price, he said a price I couldn't refuse. 39 bucks brought the lot home. I will let the cards speak for themselves. All cards are from the 71-72 OPC Set.

Guy La Fleur Rookie
A few tape stains on the front and some corner rounding...but that is it!

Bad scan, but the backside is perfect!

Yvon Cournoyer
Tape and rounding...

Clean back!

Tony Esposito

Best conditioned card, no creases and good corner....and NO tape

Back is perfect again, a little glare from the penny sleave.

#$%#$ Ken Dryden Rookie

Some tape staining for or two light creases as well.

Back is near perfect!!! I LOVE this card

Marcel Dionne Rookie

This card somehow was spared from the tape fiasco. Some rounding of corners and off-centered but otherwise in decent shape!

- Accidently deleted the backside...I will upload again later....lots very nice, just some discolouration from aging...

Richard Martin Rookie

Even though I already own a mint version of this card, I couldn't leave it behind. It has some corner dings, but no tape or stains and is a good card for trait bait!

- Like Dionne, I accidently deleted the back, but I will upload that later too.

Bobby Orr All Star Card

This card is in the roughest shape. A few stains and some serious creases. Still, my first of two Bobby's and my only Bobby's from his playing days.

Here is the back side.

Bobby Orr Double Award Winner

The nicer of the two Orrs, this one just suffers from some tape staining.

Here is the back side.

Gilbert Perreault 2nd year card

Some tape staining and rounded corners
A light crease on the back, otherwise pretty clean.

There you have it, a deal I couldn't pass up! I didn't own ANY of these cards before, so I feel awesome getting some serious HOF rookies that I don't think normally I would have owned.


  1. Now that, sir, is a score and a half!

  2. Fantastic lot for the price!

    Three key RCs always make a great addition!

  3. Wow! Great pick-up!

    Btw this might be because of you doing posts on your iPod, but the font colour seems to change and their are big gaps between pics and sentences but no biggy!

  4. Thanks guys, I am really happy with them and they look much better than the scans make them out to be...

    Michael, there is LOTS I don't like about this post...I might redo it with my computer and good camera....

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  7. Thank you very much for posting, now I feel better about a lot of great cards that I have with tape on them, but otherwise REALLY decent/nice conditions, some more so than others, creases, corners, and a little bit of cardboard scraped off because of tape, which describes my Larry Robinson rookie, it has tape, but not very noticeable and a small amount of the picture at the top got scraped off, but it's otherwise in great condition, all together I'm SO happy to still have them from when I originally got them!!!!!