Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Latest Swap Meet

Things have been super crazy lately and I want to share my swap meet success but since I don't have much time to do so tonight, I thought I would share the size of the stack I picked up. I already have one regret of something I left behind, but I will get to that in due time as well.

I went with a plan: Vintage, autos and rookies and I think I accomplished it.

Anyway, I will break the post into a couple pieces starting tomorrow and share my finds.


  1. That's a nice size tower of cards; and a Bobby Orr rookie card, oh my.

  2. Isn't that always the way. No matter how many cards you get, there always a few that you left on the table that haunt you.

  3. Buddy, if I walked away with a Bobby Orr rookie card, I wouldn't even be THINKING about what I left behind...

  4. Definitely looking forward to seeing the haul!