Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hockey Pool and Want List

This is a last call for anyone wanting to get into my little hockey pool. The entry fee is a card or a pack with "value" of 10 bucks. I plan on running it on yahoo and I want to get it sorted out by the end of this week. Right now we have 7 people interested and I am hoping for a few more so just comment below that you want in. Here are the ones I have so far, and if you changed your mind let me know that too!

1. Dave H
2. Sal
3. Paul
4. Nick
5. Michael
6. Shane
7. Mark M.
8. Kazi
9. 1967ers
10. Jake
11. Chris S.

Anyone is welcomed to join!

I am also working on my want list and for trade list. I am about 35 cards short on my 83-84 OPC set and I am also looking for a Brodeur auto and a few other odds and ends. I will keep updating it over the next couple weeks as well and taking a few off the list that I acquired recently through some trades etc!

I am also assembling a PC of every swatch from every NHL team that is currently in the NHL or ever existed. I will also get that list up soon too.


  1. I am intrested. What cards are you looking for? Email with details.

  2. count me in--I can probably get you 10 bucks worth of 83/84 OPC

  3. Awesome. I will count you both in. Just to clarify, the cards aren't for me specifically, I should have linked the first pool post. How it works is the WINNER, would receive a card/pack or whatever put up by each of the losers. Kinda like a poker game where we all ante up a card and winner gets all.

  4. Yeah, I kind of remember reading that--you'll probably really want to win if I do send in 83/84

  5. If I can be lazy and not do anything resembling actual work, then great. :)

    I've got a really nice '65 Gadsby I managed to buy twice.

  6. Hey Dave,

    I would love to get in as well. LMK


  7. Can't wait for the season to finally begin!

  8. I sent out an email request to all those I had or could find email addresses for. 67ers, you are the only one I couldn't find. Could you email me and I will forward the request!

  9. Hmm - not finding an address. Maybe it was on the other post. Either way, I'm at 1967ers at gmail.