Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hey I was at that game - When the card photo is familiar

With there being a bit of a lull between productions that are in my price range, I have taken to making a few trades. In the next few weeks I should be seeing a few packages coming my way which will be fun and exciting and I will share some of them with you as they come in. One that arrived last week ended up having a neat meaning to me that I am curious if others have had the same experience.

Sal at sent me over a few cards in exchange for a few he needed and one of them was this Martin Brodeur card. In all it is a nice card and is numbered xx/25…..literally. I can only presume there are 25 out there which is pretty cool for a Devils fan and I have only seen about 3 or 4 on eBay so this might be true.

Anyway, I was looking at the card with some detail and on the back are stats from 10/11 season which is pretty cool especially when you consider the photo on the front could only have come from 2 possible games in the last 15 years as Brodeur is wearing his retro helmet and jersey. One of those games was last year on Mar 17th and the other was this year on Mar 18th. What makes this card special was I saw my first ever Devils home game on Mar 18th and having only ever seen two Devils games live my whole life, there is a very good chance this card is from the game I saw. Furthermore, since the stats indicate this is an 11/12 product my chances increase even more.

In my life, I have seen countless NHL games live on TV, but only a handful of games in person and only 2 games involving the NJ Devils. So, I think it is pretty neat to be almost positive that I have a card, from a game I saw of a team and player I cheer for. Have you ever found a card from a game you attended? Of course, living in an NHL city and having season tickets really increases those odds to 100%…but I am curious if you have ever found a card from a game you watched.


  1. That's awesome. I've never come across one, but I'm sure there are some out there as I've been to 20 or so wings games in my life now.

  2. I believe quick only used his throwback brown leather pads and mask for the home opener Canucks game this season and I've seen a few cards with him in that gear (presently I believe the new Victory set) if that was his only game with that equipment and I'm about 95% sure it was...I was at that game

  3. I've never come across one, but I wish I was rollerblading with Pavel when this was taken.