Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quick eBay Rant

Hey, just taking a break from writing my paper on Distributed Leadership in an Educational Setting. Those interested in the final product, please feel free to email me as I am sure it will likely never see the light of day in a journal.....(maybe, but not likely).

Anyway, I just writing a quick rant about a particular seller on eBay whom I tried negotiating a deal on a 51 Parkhurst card (John Lee Fogolin). It turns out that the seller wanted a price for the card and 5 bucks for shipping. I wanted a price a little lower but basically because he wanted 5 bucks for shipping!!! Ok, the card weighs nothing and it is shipped in a top-loader and I don't live overseas. 5 bucks seemed a little extreme so we hangled twice. The end result was were about a buck a part. He rejected my counter to his counter and that is where it ended.

Well fast forward 72 hours and I decide to swallow my pride and pay the buck difference after all, John Lee was from my birthplace so I can argue it to myself that way....well it turns out the seller blacklisted me....from ANY purchases....

How mature is that? I just wanted to make a deal and really only two offers were made by me but the guy decided my money wasn't good enough for him.

Disappointed, I went online and immediately did a buy it now (twice) on a nice chap's auctions from Newfoundland and bought 2 Parkies for the price of that other guy's one. Sure they aren't as nice, but both are in decent shape and will count toward my set total.

Has this ever happened to any of you?


  1. Wow, I didn't realize that you could even get blacklisted on eBay, ouch!

  2. You and I both...I guess sellers have the option of limiting who can bid on their items...makes sense to some degree

  3. You can block a bidder. I've done it before to people who won my auctions but never paid, and to one guy who used a stolen Paypal account.

    As for "Best Offers"...those are a total joke. Some guy wanted $10 for a card with a high BV of $3. I offered him $6 (plus the $2 shipping), explaining that I was offering him TWICE it's "value". He declined.

    Right now, I keep haggling with a guy who wants $25 for an $8 card, and won't go lower than $15. Grrrr.....