Thursday, July 14, 2011

The other side of the trade

Some of you may have seen this recent post by Casey over at Drop The Gloves. Well, here is the other side of the trade. The trade began with a request for my Phil Verchota which I pulled from my box of ITG Decades. He presented me with a couple of cards to chose from and I said I liked both Kovys he offered (not expecting a straight up trade for them both) but Casey was more than willing to give both for the one card. I wanted to help a fellow collector out so I included a few tough players who know how to throw down and it turns out that he didn't have any I sent his way so both sides were happy! The is my goal with every trade is to feel like I got a good deal and the other side is as happy.

Here are my new treasures

05-06 UD Ice Glacial Graphs
This card is BEAUTIFUL. I love the acetate autos even though I never owned one before, this card looks phenomenal in a screw-down I put it in. I even like the ink on the edge of the right side as it looks like Kovy's sharpie went off the card. I think he numbered it 17 but I can really only make out the 7....

Sal was kind enough to trade me my first Kovy RC (UD Vintage), and here is my second.

01-02 Bowman Young Stars

Two things that are great about this cards is one, it is nice to get another Kovy RC and two it is a pretty good looking one. Gold foil on the front and a pretty detailed back.

Love the details on the back of this card. Resume, Skills and an Up Close piece along with stats. WHY don't they do stuff like this anymore?

Thanks a million Casey, hope we can make another trade down the line!


  1. So have you always been a Kovalchuk fan or just since his arrival in NJ?

  2. I would say that I was more of an admirer of his talent pre-NJ. Since he came over in the trade I have had a chance to see way more games, see his work ethic and those traits won me over as a fan.

    As a result, I only had real recent cards of his and nothing pre 05.

  3. Glad you liked the cards. Kovy is a dude I would have liked to see the B's get; they never have that one guy who can score 40+ goals.