Monday, July 25, 2011

Parkhurst Project - Cards 9 and 10

Well it have been a little while since I have had any action in this department but I managed to pick three cards up on eBay and these two arrived today. With the addition of Pentti Lund and Adam Brown I am now officially into the double digits (it is starting to feel like a set). There is a pretty obvious link between these two cards.

Card 30 Adam Brown

This card is a beaut. The colour is great, the corners are worn, but in all, this is certainly a nice card. Definitely worth the 12 dollars I paid.

Adam Brown played 9 seasons in the NHL tallying 104 goals and 217 points in 391 games. His best season was in 43-44 when he scored 24 goals and 42 points in just 50 games. He did score 49 points in 46-47 but that was in a season where he played 64 games. He did win a Stanley Cup with the 1943 Red Wings. Unfortunately, he died in 1960 in a car accident.

Card 31 Alexander "Pentti" Lund

This card does have a significant crease on the front, but the colouring is awesome and the back is stain-free. Pentti was born in Finland, but moved to Canada at the age of 6 and grew up in my hometown of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur at the time). He would go on to win the 1949 Calder Trophy as the top rookie in the NHL and would go on to play in 7 different seasons in the NHL. In 1950 as a member of the New York Rangers, Lund helped lead them to game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. The Rangers would lose the game, but Lund would lead both his team and the NHL in playoff scoring with 6 goals and 11 points. Pentti would finish his NHL career with 44 goals and 99 points in 259 games before retiring from pro hockey in 1955 mainly do to an eye injury . Pentti Lund was a pioneer as he was the first player born in Finland to score an NHL goal which opened the flood-gates for superstars Kurri and Selanne. I wonder if they are fans of Mr. Lund?

Card # 30, 31 and #9 and 10 of my set of 105.

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