Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parkhurst Project Cards 6, 7 and 8

The other day I saw on eBay a seller who had a few different 51-52 Parkhurst auctions on the go and was willing to do combined shipping. I looked at the cards and to be honest, because of the photography, it was difficult to tell the shape the cards were in except for the little write up about the defects of each. I decided to take a chance and put a max bid of 5 bucks on each auction based on what the seller said.

Sure enough to my surprise, I won all three for 5 bucks a piece. When the arrived about 10 days later, I was happy to see they were all in pretty decent shape.

Ed Slowinski
Card number 102 and card number 6 in my set. As a card, Ed Slowinski has one corner that is rounded and the other three corners are worn but still have some sharpness to them. There is a very light crease near the middle of the card, but the colouring more than makes up for that.

As a player, Ed Slowinski didn't have a long career but he did have a few solid NHL seasons. He played from 1947-53 in the NHL and in 291 games he finished with 58 goals and 132 points. His best season was in 51-52 where he had: 64 gms, 21 goals, 22 assists for 43 points. After 1953, Ed tore up the AHL for a couple of seasons before leaving hockey in 1958.

Don "Bones" Raleigh
Card number 93 and card number 7 in my set. Of the three cards, Bones is in the roughest shape having a couple light creases and 4 round corners. The colouring is much nicer in person than in the scan and the text is sharp.

Bones played 10 NHL seasons all with the Rangers. His best year was in 1951-52 where he had: 70 gms, 19 goals, 42 assists for 61 points which was good enough for 4th in league scoring. Bones would play in two NHL all-star games (1951, 1954). I think I know where the nickname came from, according to Total NHL (the book) Don Raleigh was 5' 11" and he weighed 150 lbs.

Hal Laycoe
Card number 25 and card number 8 in my set. The card is in pretty good shape, a very very faint crease on the bottom, rounding on the corners and a very light stain on the back. Like some of the other cards, the colouring is great and the text is sharp.

Hal Laycoe's claim to fame is he had a significant role in the Richard Riot. Click the link to get brought up to speed if you were unaware of the history of that event. As a player, Hal was actually a Montreal Canadien for 4 seasons and would have played with Richard during those years. Laycoe was a stay-at-home defenceman who never scored more than 5 goals in any one season. Of the three cards I bought, all being rookies, his card is the only one listed in the Beckett with a Near Mint value of $80. I imagine the value of that card is associated more with the Richard Riot than with his accomplishments as a player.

Card #25, 93 and 102 and 6,7 and 8 of 105 for my set.
Percent Completion:
Cost of Cards:
Total Cost of the Set to Date:

With this latest pick up, I really think this is a set I am going to be able to complete.....It is just a matter of time (and a little money).

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