Monday, April 11, 2011

Martin Brodeur - Fan of the week

About a month ago, I took my family down to see the Devils play the Caps in New Jersey. I had seen the Devils play live before, but I had never seen them play a home game so this was a big deal for me (almost like going to the promised land). I have always wanted to see my boys play live at home and to have 17 625 fans around you cheering is a great feeling! We got tickets in the lower bowl near the home goal and were high enough up that you didn't have the glass obstructing your view. The score wasn't what I had hoped for (3-0 loss), but being there on Retro Night and seeing those old green uniforms was worth it, no matter what the outcome was!

When we got home, I submitted a photo of my son Quinn to Martin Brodeur's website. I found out yesterday that he was selected as fan of the week which prompted me to share this story.

Here is the screenshot of the page or you can see by checking this link

Here are a few photos of our trip to the game.

Here is the Prudential Center of the outside. A much nicer arena than the old Meadowlands!

The view from the inside. Three Cup banners, not too bad! I remember each clinching game and to see those banners brings back great memories.

One reason I chose the game was because we were playing against Washington. Ovi had two points in the game and one really nice dangle in the third period that resulted in a shot on goal.

Washington opened the scoring, here is the first goal. Marty looked great in the retro uniform, and his replica helmet. He actually wore 29 for the first couple of games in his NHL career.

Clarkson has had a tough season. Didn't quite live up to expectations but did have a strong second half. We need more out of him and others if we are going to learn from this experience.

Kovy really stood out in this game, created a few great opportunities, but also a couple of costly turnovers. I know he will get his own Cup ring someday and silence his critics.

Here is Quinn at the end of the game, tired out from all the action.