Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Odd Ball Cards - 1991-92 Pro Set Puck

Been a while since I did a card related post so I thought I would share a little surprise I had the other day. Going through some old cards I found two 91-92 Pro Set Puck cards (see picture below).

Here is Jeremy Roenick who is card 6 from the set of 30 cards. No player was more fun to use in NHL '93 on the Sega Genesis!

Wayne is card 11 in the set.

Here is what the back of the cards look like. Nice to see the Great One is a fan of the Tigers too!

I thought I would see if they were worth anything according to the Beckett. I went to look them up online because I was sure Gretzky had to have a BV of around 5 bucks and to my surprise, I was wrong. Turns out it was valued at about $40 which means I probably had the most valuable Wayne Gretzky Pro Set card ever produced!

For those of you who don’t know, Pro Set produced “Puck Candy” during the 91-92 season which was their attempt at tying food and collectibles together. Basically it was a Jos Louis cake with a card inside. I have no idea if they mass produced these like they did other products, but I can imagine that many of the cards did get damaged because I don’t remember the cards being very well protected other than being wrapped in cellophane. The puck inside was pretty tasty much like Jos Louis’ are!

Anyway, it is nice to find little surprises like this from time to time. The nicer surprise was both cards are in pretty decent shape; crease free, showing very little wear after all these years and 4 sharp corners.

Has anyone else discovered little gems like this from the past that were once considered junk?

If you are interested in building the set, here is a link to jump start that. 20 cards different cards are available for bid on ebay.

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  1. The Becket value for most of the 90s inserts is laughable how off they are against market value! They haven't updated the prices on those sets for more than 20+ years!! I really wish they did try to keep monitoring the value - this would make BV a lot more interesting and relevant. Unfortunately they took the pedestrian route by only focusing on pricing new releases. The reality is that all the new card sets would drop significantly in value a few months after release! In summary, I have seen this card for sale many times around 5-6$ ..!