Friday, March 31, 2017

The Russian 3

Back in 1992 the NHL was an explosive and exciting league and offensive numbers were high and no one was aware of the decline that was eventually to follow. Selanne and Mogilny tied for the most goals in the league with 76 and 14 players in total would score 50 goals that season. Mario Lemieux had an amazing 69 goals in 60 games. If Mario played the full 84 games he may have scored 96 but fact of the matter is streaks and slumps happen but I do believe he might have scored 90 that year.

What was equally exciting was the promise of all the young stars in the league and in particular Fedorov, Mogilny and Bure. Fedorov was coming into his own setting a career high in goals (34) and points (87) while just playing 73 games. Mogilny as previously mentioned scored a career high 76 goals and 127 points. Meanwhile, Bure scored his first of consecutive 60 goal seasons and he would flirt with that total a few more times in his short career.

Having lived through this golden age of hockey I have always been interested and enamored with these three superstars and hope all three make the Hall of Fame some day. As a result I was pleased to land all three in autograph form. What is another cool tie is all three have their rookie cards in Upper Decks 1990-91 release where Bure and Fedorov were listed as Young Guns. However, Mogilny had already played an NHL season with the Sabres so he didn't get the same cardboard treatment but nevertheless is a rookie in the set. Seeing these cards as a kid and wanting to pull them out of every pack I believe only adds to my nostalgia with these three players. So here are their autos, please enjoy!

2015 Leaf Signature Series MVPs Sergei Fedorov Auto

Unlicensed products can really be amazing or really awful. What Dr. Price and ITG accomplished in their over 10 years of making products like Heroes and Prospects and others must be acknowledged. I believe ITG was a fantastic company that did quite a bit with very little and pushed other companies to step up their game and use their licensing to it's fullest. Since the buy out, Leaf has tried to continue the trend but to be honest with you I really can't comment on the product as I don't really own many pieces or have tried purchasing any packs or boxes. I do own a couple singles with the being one of them and I like the card and feel that it's a good product. Given collector's hesitation towards this product, secondary market prices are low and this card was had for a very good price (about half book value).

95-96 Be A Player Global Training Alexander Mogilny Auto
The second auto of my trio is a card from the mid-90's. If I have one regret it wasn't loading up on boxes of this stuff once upon a time. With that however, who would have known that little from this era would have been very desirable. Even over time lots of the auto stuff has diminished to very affordable prices too and this potential HOF on card auto was a very affordable 10 dollars.

99-00 Upper Deck Retro Inkredible Pavel Bure
Despite Mogilny's 76 goal season and 473 career goals in less than a 1000 games, most would probably name Pavel Bure as the best goal scorer in the bunch. Personally I do consider him and Alex equals in those regards but with that being said, Bure was the most explosive of the three. Hard to say what may have happened if he didn't have all those injuries (how many times have we said that about a player) but two 60 goal seasons and a couple near misses showed everyone what he was capable of accomplishing. I love this card and the large and prominent auto. Florida isn't how I'd like to remember him but nevertheless this was a pleasure to add to the collection.

Do you have any memories of these three lighting it up? Would you have a preference of one over another on your team? If I could pick one it would be Sergei because he was the most complete but if I had just one game to play, Bure in his prime would be pretty awesome too. Thankfully the Devils did have Mogilny and we do have a Cup to show for his efforts! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I can't recall them on the ice, but I remember Molginy was supposed to be the next big thing and just never blossomed into what was expected of him. ANd that is sad, because if you look at his career numbers, a few years were straight stellar, but he was always overshadowed by someone else. Playing in Buffalo, Vancouver and Toronto during the really leans years of those franchises didn't help:

    1. Yeah I think the bar he set scoring 76 goals really was tough for him to live up to and his years in Vancouver rarely had both him and Bure healthy all season which it would have been neat to see what they could have done together.

  2. Wow super trio, I am very envious of these three! I was a kid collector during the "Russian invasion" as well and admired all three of these guys. Fedorov was by far my favorite though, his UD Young Guns card was absolutely epic to me. I recently landed a rare version of it and it might be my favorite hockey pickup of 2017 so far!

    Congrats on these awesome additions to your collection Dave!

    1. Thanks so much! I agree, I loved that card and have one in my classroom on display with three other cards. Just saw the link and love the card!!! I have a Holik one as I am sure you remember and I have no regrets adding one. It would be cool if we could land one of the autographed ones some day!

  3. All three of these guys lit up my Sharks in the 90's. If I could have any of them switch teams and come over to the Sharks, I'd go with Federov, because he seemed to score every time he played us.

  4. You are probably correct about my Devils too Fuji, the only thankful thing I have is they were all in the Western conference for their superstar years so we didn't need to see them as often. With that being said, your Sharks did have one or two of the OLDER Russians like we did!!