Monday, March 21, 2016

Lost a HUGE post.

Wow....I wish I had the energy to fire off a huge rant but alas it would be pointless. I started a great thank you post about my #UDRAK I received and after 45 min of working on it I lost it all....damn you Blogger. I will start from scratch and hopefully have something soon. *sigh*


  1. I hear about people losing stuff on blogger all the time. Just wondering... is it possible to type it up in Word and then copy/paste into blogger?

    1. It is, there are some formatting issues and embedding stuff that won't translate well but I have done it in the past when I haven't had access to the internet etc. In my case I was trying to embed something and I used ctrl-z to undo because I didn't like how it originally appeared but it undid everything and wouldn't revert to the previous saved point.