Monday, March 28, 2016

Help a friend and get a hometown auto....

This past summer I helped a friend out who was looking to boost the caliber of his card collection. The task was simple, he gave me money and a list and told me to use my card shopping skills to fill the list. I am pleased to say I came right on budget and was able to stretch his dollars well and land some pretty impressive cardboard for his money. As a thank you which is ludicrous because the task itself was so much fun ( I was born to be a hobby personal shopper) he gave he something from his collection which has more significance to me than to him.

11-12 SPX Winning Materials Jordan Staal Auto /15

As you may have read before Jordan and I were born in the same town and potentially even in the same hospital. While this isn't my first of him I do like this one the most of all mine so far. Nice low print run with a pair of swatches and an auto.

This past year has been a mixed bag for Jordan. While his production has been up 19 goals and 45 points are the most he's put up since leaving Pittsburgh, he recently saw his older brother Eric get traded which I am sure is tough. I hope this isn't a fluke and we get to see more great seasons from Jordan in the future. I want to thank my neighbour again for this great card and believe it or not, there was an even bigger surprise I received from him at Christmas time but that's for another day!


  1. Definitely not a bad reward for having fun with other peoples money!

    1. Thanks Tony for the comment and I can't agree more.

  2. Great card, especially with the personal ties.