Friday, January 15, 2016

13-14 Select Calvin Pickard Auto Rookie /399

When you lose to someone you like or respect it actually takes a tiny bit of the sting out of the loss. At least that is what I believe and losing last night 3-0 to Colorado was softened a bit by my like of many of the Avs players including the goalie of record with a shutout. Calvin Pickard.

A talented and hardworking goalie who has done very well when called upon and I believe could be a starter in the NHL someday turned aside all the Devils shots last night to earn his first shutout of the season. I have two auto rookies of Calvin and here is my favourite of the two.

13-14 Select Calvin Pickard Auto Rookie /399
Picked this one up last season when he was called up and had been doing well. I have lost track of how many auto rookie cards I have from this set but I will count them up someday. I believe it's around 20-25 for those who are curious. I like his signature as it is very sharp and compact and he includes his number in his signature which I always like to see.

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