Tuesday, January 12, 2016

13-14 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Mikhail Grigorenko Patch Auto /100

Mikhail Grigorenko former 1 round draft pick, former junior hockey superstar and NHL bust. The first two are very correct but the last can be left to interpretation. I am still cheering for him to make something of himself and when he was trade to Colorado I felt, finally, he will have some supporting players and a clean slate. Sadly his time in Colorado hasn't gone as well as I hoped and I think it is only a matter of time before Mikhail bolts for the KHL where mediocre players become stars. During his last 12 games, Grigorenko has manage to score 1 goal and 0 assists which isn't what you would expect from a offensive star. Grigorenko is still very young and there is lots of time to turn it around but with new players flooding into the league each year I am not sure how many more chances this kid will get.

13-14 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket Mikhail Grigorenko Patch Auto /100
A pretty solid rookie insert card with a small piece of yellow patch peeking out. His auto which is messy but very consistent is signed with a gold marker and works well with the black background.

Earlier in the season Mikhail did have a stretch of 6 games where he put up 7 points which tends to suggest it's feast or famine with this kid but perhaps the second half of the season will  prove to be more productive and we will see an improvement before the year is over. I, for one, am still hopeful.


  1. Whether he turns it around or not, that's a nice autograph right there.

  2. Thought the Sabres had a stud when they drafted him. Guess it didn't turn out that way. Nice RPA for sure. Serial numbered 25/100, looks like an ebay 1/1.

    1. Oh good catch! Believe it or not I never noticed that until now. I should be popping that baby up on eBay with a BIN for $1200.

      I believe you weren't the only one surprised by his lack of success. Partially I think they rushed him along too fast.