Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Look what eBay bought me

I miss the old eBay program which used to kick 2 percent back to the buyers so they could get more "value" out of their purchases. I don't know if my American friends still have that option but they killed the program in Canada which was very sad. Well this past summer they did have a deal to entice sellers to list. If I posted something for sale, eBay was going to give me a 10 dollar credit. If I sold it within a certain time period I would get another 10 dollars. Not bad huh? Well, I posted up a card, it didn't sell so I got 10 bucks in credit. I ended up just buying a few low end cards I normally wouldn't have purchased rather than save 10 bucks off something expensive. The highlight was an auto I have been wanting for a while in the best uniform of all!

96-97 BAP Dave Andreychuk Auto Silver
Here is a silver version of a Dave Andreychuk auto. Nothing fancy or special here just a former NHL great, hopefully a HOF'er some day and his on card auto. This beauty serves as a reminder of when he was a member of Lou's team and I was hoping he would net 50 for us. His first season and a bit with us was good. He scored 35 goals and 74 points in 97 games. Sadly injuries mounted and he never got back to that level for us during his final 2 years and in 1999 he was gone. He would resurrect his career in Tampa and win a Cup in his second last season.

Thanks eBay for this and a couple other cards and I do hope you are able to give me a few more in the future!


  1. Nice autograph Dave! They still have the eBay Bucks program here in the US, I hope they never get rid of it as I usually get a cool card or two for free every quarter when they pay out the rewards...

    1. That is awesome. Do you save up big time or spend it once you get it?

  2. I could be wrong about this but I believe you are required to spend it within 'xx' number of days. And that number is less than the 90 day interval of so that they pay it out, so basically you can never accumulate them and have to spend each quarter's reward on its own. Too bad because otherwise I'd save them for like the next 10 years and then buy my '53 Topps Mickey Mantle!