Wednesday, December 10, 2014

94-95 UD Electric Ice Scott Stevens Auto

Sometimes you see something that is totally worth the chance and that happened a few weeks back for me. I saw an auction for the card in this post and the bidding started at 99 cents. Based on the scan I felt good about the auto and the seller had an excellent reputation so I left my max at 99 cents and waited to see what would happen.

Well it arrived and I was very very pleased. First off, the card itself is very cool looking and I love the "electric ice" effect. When you add a very clean and legit auto (IMO) you get pure gold for under a dollar. Most of Scott's autos will run you in the 15-25 range and he isn't possible to get TTM so I am very happy with this score.

94-95 UD Electric Ice Scott Stevens Auto
Great scene here, Stevens Auto, falling Sundin and Marty making a save! What more could a Devils fan want?


  1. Great autograph Dave, I've always liked the Electric Ice parallels.

    1. Thanks Shane! I missed out on these cards the first time through because I was buying CC but these are spectacular looking and a complete set for cheap would be awesome someday.