Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Long over due thanks to Shane from Shoebox Legends

Like I mentioned in my past post, this is not the summer of blogging I was hoping for and even this thank you post will be a touch on the short side as Shane loaded me up with tonnes of cards and I will save some of the baseball loot for another day. With that being said, there was so much awesome in the package he sent I can probably spend 10 posts talking about it all. For today, I will focus on the 88-89 Devils Team set and an awesome rookie. 

First up is the 88-89 Team Set. I didn't have any of these and after getting this one all I can say is I want more!!! Here are a selection of cards from the set.

Ken Daneyko. If you were a real Devils fan then you always loved Kenny. Ken was a rugged stay at home d-man who didn't mind throwing down when he had to. Sadly he played nearly 5 seasons before getting his own rookie card in 89-90 OPC. This card predates that by a season.
One of the reasons the Devils made the playoffs was the amazing play of a young goalie the Devils called up from the Canadian Olympic Team to lead the Devils on a historic playoff push that culminated in them clinching a playoff spot on the last day of the season against the Blackhawks. While they didn't make the Cup finals, it gave fans like me hope for the future. This is a "rookie" card of sorts since he also appears in the 88-89 OPC/Topps sets.
By most people's standards, the most important card in the set is this one of Brendan Shanahan. Like Burke, he was a rookie during the 87/88 season so this card coincides with is rookie release. What I really enjoy about these cards are the backs. Check out the back of this card. You get more info than you would on hockeydb! 

Most of these numbers are on hockeydb except for one season, his midget season. In fact all these cards include extra stats and fun info of the players and coaches. Truly an awesome set start to finish.

Captain Kirk! One of my more favourite players during his time with New Jersey.

Here is one of my all-time favourite players! I hope he is able to find work in hockey again very soon. He has a great mind and has lots to offer the game of hockey.

Ahhh Jim Schoenfeld. If you are in my age bracket or older you might remember his famous confrontation with Koharski. I thought he was a pretty good coach but then again I was just a kid and I don't have much in the way of memories of him as a coach. Currently he is the GM of the Hartford Wolfpack

Here is a Lou Lamoriello rookie card! While the photo is creepy as hell, but I have loved his tenure with the Devils and he is one of the most respected GMs in NHL history.

The last card I am going to share in this post is a card I have been wanted for a few years now. Like only Shane can, he managed to nail a big want without clues or even help. While many seem to doubt Vanek's abilities I see him doing very well in Minnesota and during that small window of opportunity I was hopeful the Devils might have been able to sway him our way. Sadly he left his heart in Minnesota and I wish him all the best.


  1. Those are pretty sharp! I didn't even look at them when I ordered them, just straight from the bubble mailer they came in to the one I sent to you. I'm surprised at how crisp the photos are. I love the Lamoriello in particular, as he sort of resembles the devil in the photo. I picked up a couple more oddball Devils cards for you in a COMC order I just had shipped for the next time we have an exchange!!!

  2. First off, I completely agree. I was blown away by how great these cards are done. The photos are fantastic and the stats are second to none! Secondly you are just too kind and I look forward to our next exchange.