Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cardboard Conundrum Group Break Loot 2

Now for the auto portion of my break loot. In a box of Enforcers II you should get 4 autos and I had all the luck it seems nabbing 3 with my teams. 

Larry Playfair is a pretty fun name for a player who is an "enforcer". I guess when you drop the gloves with him you don't have to worry about headbutts or biting. Larry played nearly 700 NHL games and had over 1800 PIM. His best year was likely in 81/82 where he had 6 goals (career high), 16 points (one less than a career high) and 258 PIM (career high). While those numbers aren't Gretzky like, in all fairness Larry was a defenseman and knew how to clear the front of the net a variety of ways.

 Brent Severyn is my next enforcer and with Sever in his name you knew he was destined for enforcer greatness. Brent was actually with the Devils organization for a couple seasons and scored 20 goals in the AHL to got along with his 240 PIM. As far as the NHL goes, Brent was a part-timer only playing in 328 games and his career totals are 10 goals, 30 assists and 825 PIM.

The last auto I got was Kevin Killer Kaminski. This is without a doubt the best auto in the bunch, especially because he goes by one name.....Killer #23. Killer as he is known by all was a superstar in junior and the AHL. One season, he had 38 goals, 61 assists and 247 PIM. Despite playing 8 games fewer than the teams leading scorer it was only 1 point off the team lead. The team I am referring to is the 87/88 Saskatoon Blades who also had Tony Twist on its roster. That would be a team I wouldn't mess with....ever. Killer couldn't balance his fighting and scoring when it came to the NHL so sadly he only played in 139 games and scored 3 goals. But he did get into coaching as has done very well for himself in the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League) where he has had a 0.652 winning pct over the past two seasons.

There you have it, I beat the odds and raked in the autos. Thanks again Matt and I will get to some awesome stuff I received from a fellow collector as well as some birthday breaks.

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